The final goal of our work is to deliver the same “unrivaled and guaranteed quality” at any destination our clients choose.


Our product is developed with much attention to the balance between activities and relax, a necessary requirement to allow our guests to fully enjoy their Action Partners experience.

Attention to details
Much attention and care is given to infrastructures, assistance, food & beverage, decor details and all services provided to ensure maximum comfort for all our guests


Our guest is the first and most important value for Action Partners. The format of all our events is based on guests being “on-stage” participants and not the “audience”. For each individual the format of all our events and tours is designed to provide our guests a “centerpiece” experience. Whether seated at a table in a 5-star hotel in the center of megalopolis or driving an exotic vehicle somewhere in outlying country, our guest engagement is always the prime element.


We believe there is always a space for original thinking and breakthrough.
There is plenty of creativity around but the difference with Action Partners is that we actually make our ground-breaking ideas happen.
To be able to transform a cliché event into something extraordinary for us means it’s first time to see someone doing that.

The Italian Touch

We bring our genuine “Italian touch” worldwide.
We work together with various international service supplier bringing them our Italian and international expertise: hospitality, creativity, connection, image, décor, lifestyle, food & beverage…


In our history,  in our event concepts, this word has taken on extremely varied forms, values, objectives and meanings and it always goes together with engagement and emotions.

From a fun quiz game at a gala dinner to the off-road crossing of the largest Icelandic glaciers; from a cooking contest to the 11-players table soccer game; from a go kart to Ferrari race; from challenging the nature to challenging your deepest fears, like singing on a stage!

Whatever content it is, Challenge means sharing positive energy and living together unique moments. You can share this moment with, your employees, your colleagues, your top clients, your dealers, your suppliers, your partners…

The result is always the same: you will meet a person behind the title.
From that moment on you will think of each other in a different way, remembering those fantastic moments of Challenge you lived together.
Your relations will never be the same and your connection will grow.

Adaptability = suitable for all

The necessary requirement for all our activities “conditio sine qua non”.
Every activity we propose and develop is suitable for all.
There is no need for advance preparation or any specific knowledge required to participate and live an experience with Action Partner.
Our mission is to create a “unique” experience “for all”.


Safety is a large container in which Action Partners creates all of its activities.
The route to safety is prevention and prevention is provided through putting capability, competency and know-how into practice.
Our extensive experience, our passion and knowledge are your guarantee to serenity and safety.


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Obala BB, 85320 Tivat - Montenegro