Like a tailor fashions your dress, each of our products can be tailored to your needs and expectations or, simply be a source of inspiration for a new customised creation.
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Emotional Journeys,
all in one.

Better Known as “Experience”, these events are the flagship of our company. From the Arctic northern lights to the to the immense starry skies of the desert; from African wild lions to Patagonian whales, from a seven-star dinner in the world best resort to 3000 candles light dinner in the middle of nowhere, from relaxing and healing spa to the steering wheel of an off-road vehicle or a racing car.
From corporate meetings and gala dinners to unforgettable adventures surrounded by the most fascinating horizons of our planet.

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Engaging & Team Building

Engaging: it is the common denominator of all our activities and the main principle of our company's thinking.
Our tireless spirit of research and innovation has led us to create and organize countless formats of team building and training, from small private companies to the largest multinationals.
Thousands of satisfied customers all over the world can evidence our 100% track record success in achieving our corporates client goals.
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Special Events And
Private Group

From The Biggest Corporate Endurance Kart Race ever organized in Europe for Thelethon to the longest Sailing Corporate promotional Tour in the Mediterranean.
From Top International Business Club Events to VIP Private Groups trips around the world.
Fully customized events, trips, service and assistance, it has been one of our biggest commitments since the birth of our company.
Official Awards and loyalty of our customers that for many of them exceeds 10 years, are the facts we are most proud of.


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