For Action Partners, sustainable event management is the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning


As a player in one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, we are conscious that tourism industry, puts lots of pressure on our planet’s resources, cultural and social differences.
For this reason, one of our main pillar is respecting and preserving the natural, social and cultural highlights in any destination we work, developing friendship in making positive impact on local community and environment.

Our little help

Often our experience brings us very far from mass tourism. Place where we will meet serene populations, who live in harmony with the territory that surrounds them. Their daily life is simple and based on very limited resources. In this cases our thanksgiving and support has always gone to small village schools, which often have more than 100 children.
We do our part, and ask guests to make their voluntary contribution by joining ours. We do not bring money but useful tools, notebooks, pens, colors, teams, rulers, folders, rucksacks or anything else that may be useful for studying.

Our arrival is always a big party.
A moment where joy and emotion come together in leaving every single participant the beautiful feeling of not having come up to them just for their own pleasure.


Attention to social causes is part of the DNA of our company and of all our staff.
Our commitment to supporting the weakest has a long history, born in 2003 when our wonderful collaboration with Telethon began. Unforgettable moments and feelings have guided our actions since then.
Claudio Sattin CEO and Founder
Action Partners International

Plastic Free

In many years of traveling, too many times I have seen the damage created by this monster that we have created. It seems impossible but, even in the most remote corners, where man seems not to exist, plastic is always present.
Too many times I have had to tell photographers to pay attention to the shots, too many times I have had to change the path to protect my customers from this shame, too many times I have seen people, populations, careless nations.
For some time now I have been leading my own little battle against plastic, in daily life ...
Since 2018, I have decided to take a small step further, bringing some further healthy principles from private life to work. With a pinch of pride and in the hope of contaminating as many people, companies and countries as possible, all the events organized by my company Action Partners International are Plastic Free.
As far as possible, plastic is banned or at least managed with extreme control in all our events. Maybe it's a small drop of water in a large desert but who knows ... maybe it will rain sooner or later!
Claudio Sattin CEO and Founder
Action Partners International


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